We believe everyone has a right to choose their own education.

We are a nonprofit organization started by Taiwanese students from various foreign institutions, dedicated to helping students choose their own education. 

By providing institutional knowledge, mentorship, and a supportive community, we strive to make alternative, non-traditional college paths accessible.

Meet our team

We are a diverse community

As an organization led by students, our members come from vastly different schools covering multiple study fields. This allows us to provide help according to each applicant’s interest. More importantly, we are an international community that can provide connections worldwide!

Fiona (Co-founder & President)

Fiona is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University studying Neuroscience and on the pre-med track. Her lifelong dedications are to destigmatize mental health and promote equity in education. Outside of BT, she enjoys writing for her school newspaper about Psychology and exploring restaurants and cafes in nearby neighborhoods.

Jenny (Vice President)

Jenny is a freshman at the University of Toronto studying Co-op Management and International Business. Acting as the Vice President of Beyond Taiwan, she has leadership experience in being the President of Global Leadership Organization IBSH Chapter and Co-curator of TEDx Youth@IBSH. She is someone who people describe as weird and the definition of extroverted.

Jeremy (Vice President)

Jeremy is a sophomore at both Boston University and National Taiwan University concentrating in Business and Law. He is currently a product manager intern at Next Bank designing financial services. In leisure time, he enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and traveling. He believes there shouldn’t be any obstacle in everyone’s education journey.

Alice (Director of Tech Committee)

Alice is a freshman at Columbia University hoping to major in Computer Science. If you’re willing to listen, she has a truck-load of advice on college apps ready to share! Other than coding all day, she also enjoys eating strawberries and binge-watching movies.

Roy (Tech Committee)

Roy is a freshman at National Tsing Hua University majoring in material science and engineering. Having failed at US college application, he now tries to help out future applicants by applying his specialties in STEM. Other than that Roy is an astronomy nerd and loves to play football.

Eva (Mentorship Advisor)

Eva is a senior at Georgia Tech with a major in Computer Science and minor in Sustainable Cities. She’s interested in planning, tech & space, and communities.

Sonia Yeh (Mentorship Committee Director)

Sonia Yeh is a freshman at University of washington, majoring in finance and bioinformatics. This quarter, she is interning at a lab at NTU. She has worked in several nonprofit organizations such as the Global Leadership Organization. Outside of Beyond Taiwan, she enjoys musicals,traveling, singing and reading poems.

Joyce Chou (Mentorship Committee)

Joyce is a sophomore majoring in Pre-Business Economics at UCLA. She enjoys solving puzzles, going to escape rooms, and watching dramas. This quarter, she is interning at Taiwan Startup Stadium. Working in the Mentorship Committee this quarter, she hopes that everyone can match with a mentor he or she likes and create long lasting friendships!

Evie Chen (Director of College Guide Committee)

Evie is a freshman studying Human-Computer Interaction at Stanford University. She thoroughly enjoys meeting new people & strives to radiate good energy! She also desperately needs a workout buddy so hit her up if you need motivation too! Besides all that, she hopes to offer everything she can to the team 😀

Miller Chen (College Guide Committee)

Miller is a sophomore at Georgia Tech with a major in Physics and minor in Aerospace Engineering. He is very interested in indie music, J-Rock, and heavy metal, and also he plays drums. Entertainment wise, he enjoys anything that can be done with friends.

Rosen (College Guide Committee)

Rosen is a second-year at Georgia Tech studying Electrical Engineering with a Computer Science Minor. Other than coding, creating autonomous gliders, or investigating the physics of fire ant rafts all day, Rosen also enjoys binge-watching series and animes in her free time.

Samuel Wang (College Guide Committee)

Samuel is a freshman at New York University majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He aspires to become a software developer in NYC, probably because he binges too many sitcoms based in NY on Netflix. When he’s not fretting over his coding assignments, you can find him working with his lowerclassmen on various MUN projects or chilling over a game of PUBG.

Bella Chang (College Guide Committee)

Bella is a senior at Taipei First Girls High School and plans to study in the US with a major in Data Science. She focuses on a variety of social issues and has experiences in related organizations. Bella is interested in post-rock music, boxing, and seaside activities, she also enjoys hanging out and trying new café with friends 🙂

Stephanie (Partnership Director)

Stephanie is a freshman at University of Southern California majoring in Business of Cinematic Arts. She is very interested in entertainment, including film, tv shows, music and books, and hoping to make a difference in the industry. She also enjoys photography and misses traveling so much!

Lena (Social Media Director)

Lena is a second-year at Erasmus University studying International Communication and Media. She is creative and has a great deal of hand-on experiences in nonprofits marketing. She likes to keep herself busy and enjoys meeting new people. As an avid ocean lover and adventurer, she also has a passion for outdoor activities of all sorts including surfing, diving, hiking, camping etc.